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Saturday, December 8, 2012


Part I: I had a small rubber ball sitting in the palm of Kenan’s hand when a clonus jerk of the arm (involuntary retraction of muscle) caused him to throw it, a fair distance considering. For a split second the illusion in my heart of what he could and should be doing “ if only” was set free: MY BOY HAD JUST THOWN A BALL! It was a gift of effect wrapped in the sadness of cause and it was just for me.

Part II: Gratitude Tamsen style (stickers compliments of our local grocery). 

Part III: Leftovers

Kenan was at the Thanksgiving table but fell asleep before pie. Today is a different story. His plate includes cranberry sauce, turkey gravy and a pumpkin pie-whip cream slather. He was most motivated by the cranberry giving us alot of swallow. So proud of him.

Part IV: The Wishbone and Sibling-hood

Tamsen ended up with the larger side and in her big sister way, tried to crack IT in half so she could share the winning piece with her brother. Not sure what her wish was but her continued display of devotion to Kenan granted one of mine.

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